What You Believe Defines You

What You Believe Defines You

7 Tips to Becoming People of Uncommon Favor

The two most persecuted people in all of history have radically different lifestyles. We can learn much about our belief systems based upon how our lives are today. In order to become people of favor we must change our thinking and actions. Here are some tips that will help us on our journey.

Jewish and Africans are the most persecuted people on the planet. Historically Jews not only suffered the horrific carnage of the Holocaust but have been thrown out of nation after nation. Ironically, no matter what has happened to these people they have found a way to become successful in everything they do.

After centuries of living in exile, in 1947 they returned to their spiritual homeland and re-established their nation. Today the Jewish people are among the most wealthy, educated, and influential people on the planet.

Africans are the planets first people. All people spawned from the continent of Africa. Civilization itself spawned from Africa. The Great Pyramids, Diamonds, Science, Art, and all Music originated from the Mother Continent.

With all of these coming from Africa you would think this cradle of creation would be a veritable goldmine of technology and wealth. In addition, you would think that the African people would be among the richest people on earth. The truth is, although the continent itself is still rich with natural resources, diamonds, oil, etc.… the people and descendants of Africa are globally at the bottom of all people groups.

Why is there such a vast difference between the socio-economic position of Africans and Jews? Is there something socially, economically, or inherent in Africans that predisposes them to fall to the bottom in every country they live? We believe that the answer to our question is in what the Jewish people BELIEVE about themselves which makes the difference.

Biblically the Jewish people are said to be “God’s Chosen People”. In scripture the people of Israel were separated from all nations to be the example of what God could do with a people who followed HIS law. Even though the Jewish people would ultimately not accept Jesus Christ as God in the flesh as most evangelical Christians believe, they have still retained the position of God’s Chosen people.

So, if the children of Israel don’t accept Jesus as God, are only moderately religious as a society and are continually persecuted by their Arab neighbors on all sides, how are they still the most prosperous people on the planet? They BELIEVE.

Here are 7 Tips that the Black Community can use to help them BELIEVE they are not only worthy but capable of receiving Uncommon Favor


Know that You are Favored

The one thing that God told the children of Israel is that HE would bless them if they BELIEVED in HIM and Followed his commandments. That they were from the land of Israel had nothing to do with whether or not they would be blessed. God could have chosen the people of Canaan or the Amorites or Perizzites. The point being the black community must start with following God’s commandments and then BELIEVING that they are qualified to receive Favored status.

Society has spent generations putting images in the minds of the black community that they are less than worthy. Each day we see and hear these images. We must fight the temptation to Believe they are true. We cannot allow Hollywood or those who would want to keep us down to define who we are. We are meant for Favor and no one on earth can take that away from us.

Speak Favor Over Your Life

Now that you resolved the question of whether or not you are qualified to be Favored, the next step is to Speak it Favor over your life. It is important that you physically speak this over your life. Your mind is a funny thing. It reacts to whatever you say or write down. That’s why Life coaches and self-improvement guru’s ask their clients to write down their goals.

The same goes for speaking. You must physically Speak this new truth in order for it to register in your mind. This speaking must be a daily practice to overcome the constant barrage of negative information black people receive from music, radio, movies and ourselves. 

Read About the It

Today there is no limit on motivational resources, especially reading material. It is vital that you fill yourself up with edifying literature which shows the accomplishments of black people who came before you and modeled having Favor. Authors, manufacturers, inventors, doctors, and scholars all are a testament to skills and ingenuity of blacks throughout the ages.

I myself am a history buff. I have made it my daily routine to read about black figures whom history my have forgotten but Favor has not. Black Success Magazine is a great resource for a daily update on the achievements of blacks from all walks of life.

Listen to Stories about Favor

Take the time to seek out as much information you can on our forefathers. Each of these stories will encourage you to continue your Uncommon Favor journey. As a people society have been accustomed to seeing white people as the heroes. There are tons of stories of blacks who have done amazing feats. Seek them out. They are out there and when you find them, share them with others.

Expect Bold Favor

Expectations are amazing things. It is what fearlessly encourages you to turn on the light switch at your home. Once again, we as a people have come to NOT expect to see great things happen in our lives. As a result, like a magnet negative thing seem to happen. It’s called the Law of Attraction and yes it really works.

We can reverse our situation by not only expecting favor to happen but to expect Bold Favor to happen to us. When this happens our whole thinking begins to change. The things we involve ourselves with change. The people we associate with also begins to change. Why? Because you cannot stay the same. Your attitude has changed and cannot exist any longer in the same state it formerly was in.

Act Like You are Favored

As we began to say, you cannot put new wine in old wineskins. Once you begin to adopt a new way of talking and thinking, what follows are your actions. No longer will you walk the same or speak the same. The way you stand must be straighter, the words you use cease to be immature, but now becomes more refined and in keeping with your new-found attitude.

There of course will be those people who will attempt to keep you in the same old way, but you are a new creature. You do not think the same, walk or talk the same. As a new creation those old thoughts and patterns and especially the way you react to life is different. Do not give those detractors a thought. They are in your old world; you are moving in a totally different direction now.

Gather People Around Who Encourage It

It is time to move on to bigger and better things. In order for the Black community to continue on its journey we must surround ourselves with people who will encourage us to move in a positive direction. This means we must recognize that ANYONE and ANYTHING that does not fit into our new narrative must be discarded.

The great thing about encouraging people is they are good for us. We get good results as they become an integral part of our lives. This is not to say that everyone is going to agree with our new friends but that does not matter. We are living right, thinking right, and doing right.

Take some time and begin to practice these steps. Become convinced that you are not only meant to have Uncommon Favor but our whole community is meant for it. We can begin a new chapter that will be passed down to our children.




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