Membership Levels

Not all businesses are at the same level, so the Black Business Chamber has developed programs suited to your diverse needs. Choose the one that is right for you, right now.


Is your business a not-for-Profit or Religious organization. We have a level suited just for you. It's affordable, full of connectivity and will pay for itself within your first few weeks of being a member.


Many of our members are one-man or woman enterprises but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a robust plan. Our Soloentrepreneur Plan is full of all the things you’ve come to expect from a Chamber. You may be your only employee but to us you are the Only one that matters. 

Small Firms

Your business may be 2 to 100 employees. That makes you the largest portion of the American market. Our Small Business Plan is geared to equip and encourage you to be scalable. This is the key to becoming the next big firm. At the Chamber you are the Future.


Our Corporate Partners Plan is focused on expanding your markets to government or even foreign Trade. This is essential for the continued success when you have attained this level of success. Let us link you to major markets, governments and countries.