Economic Development

State of the State

Our Population

The State of Nevada has seen an explosion of the past few decades. Even after the downturn in the economy in 2008-2009 Nevada has still become the destination for people looking for a lifestyle and tax base second to none.

Our Population has risen from 2018 by 1.7% to 3.08M People. 


With a soaring economy, the addition of several sports franchises in including the Vegas Golden Knights and the long-anticipated addition of the Las Vegas Raiders, Nevada has seen a marked rise in our employment picture.

Since the prior reporting period Nevada has seen a rise of o.2% or 1.5M people employed.


Projects such as Project Neon, the States largest highway project put Nevada on track to spend an estimated $6.56 in 2019. 

Add into that figure the Raiders Stadium and other projects on the agenda, like Elon Musk Boring Company Project linking the Convention Center to McCarran Airport,  Nevada is building an infrastructure to rival others cities of comparable size.

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