Come and Gather Round the Table

Enjoy Some You-Time

You may be a mom, daughter, Executive or Sales professional. All of that adds up to the need for someone to speak into your life and refresh your batteries. 

It isn’t enough to have a weekend off. You need to gather with like-minded woman who you can SHARE, LISTEN and Learn from.

The Perfect Surrounding

The women of the Black Business Chamber Women’s Forum know what you’re going through because they have seen it before. Some of them have experience that negative co-worker, that demanding client. Not only have they experienced it but they too have had to deal with it.

Make New Friends

Together they have discovered the secret to success in the workplace, in the Boardroom and in Life. You too can contribute to the development of a community of Black Women Leaders heading all heading in the same direction. Together, holding hands and cheering each other onward. Come Gather Round the Table.

Come Gather Round the Table

Black Women in Business may be the greatest force for change in American society. With the help of other women, bearing the burden, there is nothing you cannot do.
Rose McDonald
Women's Forum

The Greatest Experience Ever